Level 6: Monkey see…

The beauty of this place is only matched by its obscurity among the mountainous landscape. Every day I wake up and instantly I am riddled with a bit of homesickness. I miss the comfort of my apartment, the quick access to those people I love, and the simple ignorance to the rest of the world. But eventually I get out of bed and watch the sun rise. It is at that point that I get the strength to move forward. I’ve never been this far away from my family before. I realize day after day that I can’t just drive down to my mom’s house or call my girlfriend up and tell her that I am coming to see her. I can’t just grab my dogs and go for a walk in the Autumn air. All of this makes me long for home, but when I see the sunrise all is in perspective. I see it’s rays kiss the mountainside. It illuminates every little crevasse of the valley below. It reminds me that the world is bigger then my wants or desires. It reminds me that I’m here for a reason, and that I am adding a chapter to the book I’ve been writing since birth. These things I can grasp and churn into success. And soon I find myself showered, eating on the patio, and listening to the school children sing their daily Hindu prayer. Hopefully you all can see the video I pasted on facebook.

Now on to the good stuff…two things…my new roommate “Charlie” and the monkeys…the damn monkeys ๐Ÿ™‚

“Charlie”, bless his little arachnid soul, is a camel spider I think. I discovered him two nights ago as I was watching the history channel (one of the 4 english stations here). He climbed out from behind the television and scurried halfway across the wall. I woke up and decided that I would try to put him outside. I grabbed a glass from the bathroom. As I came near he spread out his legs and I realized that he was too big in diameter to fit in the glass…yes…huge spider. So instead I tapped the glass on the wall and he ran back behind the television. I went to bed and hoped that he wasn’t poisonous and that he wouldn’t jump on my face at night.

To my delight I woke up the next morning to see him checking his webs in each corner of my room. I have 12ft ceilings and my walls are white so he is very easy to see. He meticulously checked his webs and then went back into the vent above my door. For some reason I felt extremely comfortable with him. It was at this point that I named him Charlie.

The next morning I again caught him in the top corner of my room waiting behind his web. As soon as the sun rose he scurried away and I got up to get ready for work. When I came out of the shower he was sitting directly on top of the door knob that I needed to use to leave my room. I kindly and comically told him that he would need to move because I had to go to work. By the time I was dressed he was gone. Back into his vent I suppose.

As a disclaimer please don’t judge me. I love nature and I’d rather befriend the arachnid soul rather than kill one.

On to the monkeys…

So monkeys here are everywhere. They are like squirrels in the northeast during Autumn. Except they are larger and louder. When discussing the monkeys with our lab working Davedran he told us that the monkeys were fine, “as long as you don’t look them in the eye.” To this fact I lost it in deep laughter. I got the best mental image of me looking at the monkey and the monkey replying in his best Robert Deniro, “you talkin to me?” This was funny until today. As Liza and I were leaving work we were discussing the angry monkey that lives in the closet of Chris from Family Guy. As we were laughing and walking down the steps I noticed a monkey peering over the ledge in front of us. As I pointed, Liza turned and looked the monkey directly in the eye. As soon as this happened he rose up over ledge and made a terrifying growl and looked at both of us. We both quickly looked away from the monkeys terrifying gaze (lol) and went about our business down to our car. Once we got to the car, we had to wait for our driver. As this happened almost 15 monkeys came out of the woodwork. They were all migrating across our parking lot. As Liza and I were taking video, the monkeys tried to steal our bags. (See latest facebook video). At this point I realized that the monkeys were smart, tactical, and not scared of us at all. They are still cute, still awesome monkeys, and we still share a common ancestor ๐Ÿ™‚

So the science is going well, and I’ve made a new friend in Charlie, and if you are keeping score, Monkeys -1; Jason-0…stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “Level 6: Monkey see…

  1. Funny & touching story. You are fortunate to see the BIG picture, not many are fortunate enough to travel overseas & then to further understand that we are just a SMALL part of the whole.

    Enjoy reading your stories.

    BTW: In Chinese culture, it is bad luck to kill a spider in the house. My father always said spider in the house, no bugs. So to this day, I will leave the spiders alone as I’d prefer them, than an invasion of bugs. Of course the big scary one’s still make me pause, then I get Uncle Brian to take it outside.

  2. OMG…the monkeys I could handle. But the spider would have to go…dear God it would have to go or me. Aint no way I’m making friends with a spider thats too big to squash. You’re a good one.

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