Level 10: Going Home

It’s 9:45am in Kasauli on 24 Nov 2010.
I’m leaving today. Only a couple of people know I’m coming home for Thanksgiving. I’ll arrive in the US at 4:35am on Thanksgiving day. I’ll have a limo service take me to my mothers house where I will wait on the front porch until she comes out to take the dogs to the park. I love surprises. I’m so ready to go home. My arrival on American soil will be accompanied by a new perspective on myself, my relationships, my career, and my place in this vast dark universe. My perspective is one that does not depend on the stars, ancient scripture, current politics, or future prophecy. My perspective is going to be built strongly on the pillars of smiles. Yes smiles. The smiles I so look forward to seeing on the face of my mother, my brothers, my girlfriend. The smiles on the faces of my father, my grandmothers, and my sister Octavia once they know I am safely back in the US. The smiles on my aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends when they can again rest easy knowing that I’m safe and back to the simple opinionated daily nuggets of wisdom on my facebook posts (lol yeah I know I love me some me). The smiles on the faces of my co-workers when they tell Liza and I that we did a great job brokering the pathway for a very needed vaccine in a place that needs it. The smiles (or wagging tales) on my dogs when they realize that thier dad didn’t abandon them and we are set for a holiday season of playing fetch in the snow, snuggling on the couch watching Christmas movies, and getting first hand helpings from my thanksgiving plate 🙂 Oh how these smiles are the currency of my heart.

6:33am Upper Darby,PA
Here I stand on my mothers porch. Watching the sky light up with sunshine. It’s good to be home. I will wait here to surprise her when she brings the dogs out to go to the park. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I love you.

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