31 December 2013

Last day of this year. Arbitrary for some and significant for others. I am somewhere in the middle. Thankfulness knows no such thing as days or years so…

1) A warm place to sleep. I’m sure this year has been truly rough for some families. There are people out there on the streets now that aren’t celebrating New Year’s Eve but are instead trying to find a warm and safe place to rest.
2) Sacrifice. At this moment it’s hard not to think about the year. I made lots of sacrifices to try and make my relationship work and it failed. I made sacrifices also when I decided to end it. Only I really know what those sacrifices are and only I can turn them into lessons. I am thankful for the OPPORTUNITY to learn from my sacrifice.
3) Cable. Surely shallow. Obviously not a necessity. However I appreciate being able to let my mind go into other places by vegging out in front of the TV.

I hope everyone has a fabulous time tonight and stay safe.

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